Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Like Marvel Vs DC

This comic is, in many ways, a benchmark achievement for us.

1: It's the first appearance of Nicole, who lives over there but has so far not been introduced here or at Jen and Agnes' comic.
2:Its the first crossover between our comics. The backs of Nick and my heads were visible in one of Jen's blogcomics once before, but that hardly counts
3: Its the first of our comics that isn't based on a true story or conversation we had but was actually WRITTEN.
4: I'm adopting a new and quicker way to do these things.

Basically, this comic should have audio commentary.


jam said...

We only do this on the weekends really. School really cuts in to everything.

jam said...

Oh and by the way, you forgot the leg hair ;D

agnes said...


But seriously. This is funny.

bluecheckeredhat said...

Does that mean I'm NOT going to get killed for this?

Dee said...


Oh god, but you like forgot the part where the sprinklers go off.


Stephanie Chan said...

i'm missing your comedy...gimme something to read at work!

bluecheckeredhat said...

I have two drawn up in my sketchbook. I don't have time to scan and upload them tonight. but tomorrow after work (I work until 4pm), I'll get at least one of them up.

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