Monday, May 12, 2008

This one counts as 1 and a half

This is based on (read: copied exactly from) a conversation I had with my enormous younger brother (note that I do not refer to him as "little brother"). I decided that since I am so witty, I would turn it into a comic. But in order to not screw with the strip's "Three Roommates" format, I opted to replace Rodan with Drew.
When Big'un found out, he threw a hissy fit and turned into the Incredible Sulk. So in order to appease my Jolly Green Sibling, I whipped this up as well:

Now, here is the shirt in question (If Dean puts up a stink about it, I'll take the photo down):
Don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly going to win any best dressed awards myself. My fashion crimes are so numerous that I could be put on trial. But this shirt. With this shirt I think the fashion police would want Dean to face the electric chair. And Canada doesn't even have corporal punishment. My wardrobe is shameful, but he has crossed the line between shameful and sinful. He may as well be wearing a Nazi uniform and a sandwich board sign saying "I HAVE NEVER SEEN BRAVEHEART".

Damn, I referred to him as Dean twice in a row. Ran out of humourous giant-sized analogies.

I think I am going to start putting in a bit more effort into these again. I'm starting to feel guilty I'm doing them so quickly. And by more effort, I mostly just mean backgrounds. Because I'm quite happy with the simplicity of the character design now.

I've got an epic saga brewing right now. Prepare yourselves.


agnes said...

ahahaha! i love how Drew is the obvious choice, when replacing someone wearing such a funny shirt :D

I like both. Also, youer brother looks a lot like you but the hair is darker?I demand a Spencer clan photo. With mushy lightning and pink and baby blue sweaters. :O

I will not loose to your comic madness! I shall post more soon.

bluecheckeredhat said...

He also has a more bulbous nose instead of my arrow shaped nose.

If you check my facebook, there are actually a bountiful supply of group photos with my sister, my brother and I. Althoguh none of them contain pink and baby blue sweaters.

You and *I* should have made a comic, Aga. we're the only ones who update anyway! :P
Although Jen does her other one. I like her latest one, she should put it up on blogspot too. HINT.

Rodan said...

I thoroughly enjoy the second comic. Though if I have to nitpick I have a few problems. Specifically my far superior size. Its not evident enough.

bluecheckeredhat said...

Yeah, I know. I wanted to exaggerate it more, but the comic would have been too large.

jam said...

I thought about posting my comics on our blog too but thought it might look like cheating D:

Also shame on you for replacing your brother Derek, we would accept non-bear cave participants!

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