Sunday, August 17, 2008

The End of All Things

Several years in the future, the last remnants of hope gutter and die.

Nick waited two years for a cure, confining his friends in the basement of the compound. At last, he found he could stand it no more. His heart broke into a thousand pieces with the first shot. With the second, ten thousand more. Only Nick's haggard sobs broke the damp silence of the cellar, echoing back like dim memories of a bright past, long forgotten.
Kneeling down beside his fallen comerades, Nick found:
Linen Cloth x2
Iconic Shirt of the Spider (gives chance to poison on hit)
4 Copper
Long Shoulder Hair
Courduroy Pants

Alright Drew, go for it!


bluecheckeredhat said...

Fucking brilliant, dude.

jam said...

That is an impressive beard.

Johnny Koester said...

What? no zombie meat?

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